Presentation Archive

MWC has hosted a number of excellent speakers over the years through the Environmental Lecture Series and at MWC meetings. Below you can view some of these presentations.

Harmful Algal Blooms in Ontario Lakes: Causes and Management (2019)

By Dr. Lewis Molot, York University


The Watershed as an Ecological Unit: Creating Context for Rational Management (2019)

By Jack G. Imhof, Aquatic Ecologist and Watershed Scientist


Buildings and Carbon Draw Down: A strategy to help mitigate climate change (2019)

By Chris Magwood (The Endeavour Centre), Rick Zytaruk (Tooketree Passive Homes), and Melinda Zytaruk (Fourth Pig Worker Co-op Inc)


Using water balance dynamics to understand watershed processes and changing water conditions (2018)

By Dr. Robert Metcalfe, Research Scientist in the Aquatics Research and Monitoring Section of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Adjunct Professor with the Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program at Trent University


Responding to the threat of road salt in Muskoka (2018)

By Dr. Norman Yan, Friends of the Muskoka Watershed and Robin Valleau, PhD candidate, Biology Department, Queen’s University


Implementing Low Impact Development (LID) in the Lake Simcoe Watershed: Progress, lessons learned and applicability to Muskoka watershed (2017)

By Dr. Ben Longstaff, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority


Water fleas, big data and 21st century technology Case studies in Muskoka and Sudbury point the way to saving the world (2015)

Dr. John Kenneth Colbourne, Chair of Environmental Genomics, University of Birmingham


Start at the Bottom: What bottom-dwelling bugs can tell us about lake & stream condition (2015)

by F. Chris Jones, PhD Candidate, Laurentian University
& Sarah Sinclair, Conservation Ontario


Aliens amongst us: Are we prepared for the invaders? (2014)

By Dr. Andrea Smith