Love Your Lake

MWC is very excited to be involved in the Love Your Lake program, developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation and funded by CWF, the Rogers Foundation, and the McLean Foundation.

Shorelines are some of the most ecologically productive places on Earth. They support plants, microorganisms, insects, amphibians, birds, mammals and fish. The first 10 to 15 metres of land surrounding lakes and rivers is responsible for 90% of lake life born, raised and fed in these areas. In addition, these areas are up to 500% more diverse than other areas upland from lakes and rivers.

As a shoreline property owner, YOUR influences can have a huge impact on this delicate interface. But how do you know if your shoreline is healthy? What actions can you take to maintain or improve the health of your waterfront area?

The Love Your Lake Program

Love Your Lake Logo

The Love Your Lake program assesses the health of your lake and encourages lakefront residents to take stewardship action.

Love Your Lake provides resources and training to local organizations, which enables them to deliver engaging and effective programs to help landowners protect and restore their shorelines, benefitting the property and improving the health of their lake and wildlife habitat.

Each waterfront property owner on the lake will receive a property-specific report that includes an assessment of the waterfront area as well as detailed actions that the property owner can take to protect this valuable habitat.

Love Your Lake in Muskoka

Muskoka Watershed Council is the delivery agent for the Love Your Lake program in Muskoka with the assistance of The District Municipality of Muskoka. But we can’t do it alone!

MWC and DMM works with lake associations to carry out the program. We rely on lake associations to provide the one-on-one contact with their members that is the cornerstone of the program. Is your lake interested in participating? Is your lake association able to provide volunteers to assist with contact and outreach activities? If yes, then please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the Love Your Lake program!

Assessing shorelines for the Love Your Lake program

Lakes Assessed in Muskoka


  • Six Mile Lake (Georgian Bay) – 969 properties


  • Bass Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 148 properties
  • Echo Lake (Lake of Bays) – 119 properties
  • Morrison Lake (Gravenhurst) – 228 properties
  • Ril Lake (Lake of Bays) – 186 properties


  • Loon Lake (Gravenhurst) – 198 properties
  • Turtle Lake (Gravenhurst) – 104 properties
  • Mary Lake (Huntsville) – 299 properties
  • Menominee Lake (Lake of Bays) – 116 properties


  • Bass Lake (Gravenhurst) – 34 properties
  • Kahshe Lake (Gravenhurst) – 696 properties


  • Bruce Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 90 properties
  • McKay Lake (Bracebridge) – 111 properties
  • Lake Vernon (Huntsville) – 534 properties


  • Ada Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 23 properties
  • Brandy Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 148 properties
  • Stewart Lake (Georgian Bay/Muskoka Lakes) – 157 properties
  • Wood Lake (Bracebridge) – 275 properties


Three Mile Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 611 properties


Lake of Bays (Lake of Bays) – 1,147 properties


  • Honey Harbour (Georgian Bay) – 300 properties
  • Lake of Bays (Lake of Bays) – 754 properties


  • Fairy Lake (Huntsville) – 328 properties
  • Leonard Lake (Muskoka Lakes) – 188 properties
  • Peninsula Lake (Huntsville/Lake of Bays) – 354 properties