Integrated Watershed Management

MWC has pulled together a number of resources on IWM, including publications, articles, presentations, papers and more!

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Algae Monitoring Program

Learn about MWC’s Algae Monitoring Program and the results from year one of the Pilot Project.

Together, we can protect the future of Muskoka's watersheds

What is the mission of the Muskoka Watershed Council?


Develop and implement science-based programs to research, assess, monitor, and evaluate environmental health.


Encourage sound watershed management practices and policies based on evidence.

Communicate & Educate

Develop and deliver public information and education programs that promote sustainable lifestyle choices and an understanding of the impact of human actions on the watersheds.

Promote & Demonstrate

Identify best practices that support a sustainable environment and a healthy community structure with a thriving economy.

Watershed council mission

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