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Clean & Green 13


One of the first initiatives developed by the Muskoka Watershed Council in 2002 was the  Clean & Green 13, a program designed to inspire people to take a look at their every day lives and realize what kind of impact their actions have on the watersheds that we all share.


The Clean & Green 13 is a list of some positive steps that you can take right now to improve the health of Muskoka watersheds.



Public Service Announcements


Clean & Green 13 PSA #1 – CHAY 93.1 (2005)


Clean & Green 13 PSA #2 – CHAY 93.1 (2005)




Clean & Green 13

I want my watershed to be Clean & Green, therefore I will:


Protect Air Quality


In My House/Cottage


On My Property


On the Shoreline


When Using Watercraft, Snowmobiles or Other Engines