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Muskoka Watershed Council is excited to offer Watersheds Canada’s popular The Natural Edge program in the Muskoka area.

Does your property have a Natural Edge?

Shorelines are one of the richest environments on earth, but they are also among the most threatened. Habitat loss and degradation, water quality impairments, and increasing pressures from shoreline development can deteriorate our lakes and rivers, making them a priority for environmental stewardship and restoration.

Shorelines are the ribbon of life, providing habitat, including shelter and food, for over 90% of aquatic wildlife.

How can you get involved?

Free site visits are available to waterfront property owners in our delivery region. During these visits, we will provide you with advice and recommendations to improve the health of your shoreline property.

If planting is recommended and you decide to move forward with a shoreline re-naturalization project, we can offer you all the resources you need to get started through the generous support of our funding sponsors. Resources in our Shoreline Re-naturalization Starter Kit include a customized planting plan, educational materials and native plants to create natural habitat along your shoreline.

The Shoreline Re-Naturalization Starter Kit includes:

The Natural Edge Shoreline Re-naturalization Starter Kit
  • Free site visit
  • Customized re-naturalization planting plan for your shoreline property
  • 50 native plants including trees, shrubs and wildflowers
  • Coconut fibre pads to deter grass from growing around new plantings
  • Tree guards for all deciduous trees
  • Mulch for your wildflowers
  • Plant Care Guide with instructions on how to take care of your new plants
  • Habitat Creation Guide
  • Wildflower Garden Guide

What will it cost you?

Site visits are free if you are just looking for some advice (within our delivery area). If you would like to take advantage of our Shoreline Re-Naturalization Starter Kit, we charge a one-time fee of $300. The plants alone are worth more than this cost!

Book a site visit today!

Add your name to the list to receive a site visit in 2024 by filling out and submitting the form below. Site visits typically take place between June and October. If you have previously submitted a request but have not received a site visit, please submit the form again.

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