Muskoka Watershed Council is seeking Community Round Table members

Muskoka Watershed Council is seeking individuals from sectors across the Muskoka River Watershed to join the Community Round Table to ensure Muskoka’s societal, economic, and environmental interests are considered in a future Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the entire Muskoka River Watershed (from the Algonquin Highlands to Georgian Bay).

CRT Notice

What is Integrated Watershed Management?

Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) is a method of land-use planning using a watershed scale. In Muskoka, land-use is currently managed based on political boundaries (municipal boundaries). Managing the entire watershed as a whole means consistent land-use policies across all jurisdictions. Implementing Integrated Watershed Management in Muskoka can address issues like flooding while creating more sustainable communities.

What will the Community Round Table do?

Members of the Community Round Table will represent sectors, ensuring that community interests and perspectives are considered. For example, it’s important to consider the needs of the development industry, including builders, developers, and realtors, to ensure that the economic prosperity of Muskoka is maintained and that there is enough housing for all. It is equally important to consider the environment’s needs through the perspectives of environmental non-government organizations and Indigenous communities.

Members of the Community Round Table will provide their sector-specific views on land-use planning, water quality, flooding, building climate resilience, and other watershed issues. Perspectives are shared through monthly 1.5 hour meetings (currently via zoom). The end goal of the Community Round Table is to produce a report incorporating the community’s needs and interests on watershed management. This will be delivered by early 2023. This report will inform a future Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Muskoka region.

I can represent a sector. How do I get involved?

Learn more about the CRT and how to become a member at

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