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Save on registration for “50 Shades of Green” Conference until April 15

  Save on the cost of registering for the upcoming “50 Shades of Green” Muskoka Stewardship Conference until April 15th! Organized by the Muskoka Watershed Council and The District Municipality of Muskoka, the Conference will tackle the topic of algae in our lakes and will take place May 12th at the Port Carling Community Centre.   So why dedicate an entire day to algae? Because they’re important, they’re noticeable, and they’re changing!   All of our lakes Read more [...]
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World Water Day Reminds Us to Appreciate Muskoka’s Water

        Muskoka is fortunate to have so much freshwater and it is easy to take our clean, plentiful water for granted. Many people across the planet don’t have such easy access to safe water supplies. World Water Day, observed by the United Nations on March 22nd every year, is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis.   Today, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home. The Sustainable Development Goals, Read more [...]
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Muskoka Bat Collective

In the last decade, several of Ontario’s bat species have experienced dramatic population declines. These declines have led to four of Ontario’s bat species being added to the Endangered Species list; half of the species of bats found in Muskoka are now Endangered.   The Muskoka Bat Collective was created in 2015 through the coming together of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, local schools, businesses, not-for-profit groups (including the Muskoka Watershed Council), Read more [...]
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MWC and FMW Move Ahead

  Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) and Friends of the Muskoka Watershed (FMW) have mutually agreed to formally become two independent and separate organizations, each pursuing different, yet complimentary, paths to best serve the environmental interests of Muskoka, its residents and its watershed ecosystems.   MWC will continue with its long standing and engaging projects and programs to champion watershed health, including its recent “Planning for Climate Change in Muskoka” Read more [...]
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MWC Comments on DMM OPA 45

  The District Municipality of Muskoka asked for comments related to a proposed amendment to the Official Plan of the Muskoka District Area (OPA No. 45 – Lake System Health Policy Update). The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment would be to provide an updated, simplified and scientifically defensible policy set for the continued protection of Muskoka’s recreational water quality.   MWC submitted the following in response to the request for input:         January Read more [...]
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Paddling event donates funds to MWC

  Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) received a much needed boost in funding from the Great Muskoka Paddling Experience (GMPE). GMPE organizer Sandy Schofield presented MWC Chair Lou Guerriero and MWC Vice-Chair Kevin Trimble with a $4,000 cheque at the MWC meeting held on Friday.   This was the sixth year for the annual event, and it had seen a remarkable increase in participation rates, from 86 paddlers in the inaugural race to almost 300 paddlers taking to the water in 2016. Read more [...]
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Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction is the theme for World Wetlands Day in 2017

  World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2nd to raise global awareness about the value of wetlands for humanity and the planet. It also marks the date of adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar. World Wetlands Day was celebrated for the first time in 1997.   Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction is the theme for World Wetlands Day in 2017. Wetlands play an important role in reducing the impact of extreme weather events such Read more [...]
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It’s time for a low salt diet

  When it rains, pollution on streets, parking lots and lawns is washed into storm drains, then directly to our drinking water supplies and the lakes our children play in each summer. Fertilizer, oil, pesticides, detergents, pet waste, and road salt all makes its way from your property to your water.   With winter approaching, now is the time to consider how to balance personal safety and environmental health by looking at ways to reduce the use of salt on your property while preventing Read more [...]
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Wrapping Up a Summer Spent on Three Mile Lake

  What is the best way to spend the summer in Ontario, you may ask? How about spending it in Muskoka! Add a boat and some lakes, and your summer is sure to be a great one.   The Love Your Lake program provided the ideal summer job for a student in Muskoka. Being Canadian, winters are hard. We need our summer sun! Being of the current generation dealing with global Climate Change, environmentalism is an inherent part of who we are. Working in a job that has an environmental Read more [...]
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Remembering MWC Founder Ken Black

  Kenneth Hilton Black 1932 – 2016     Ken Black was a man of Muskoka, for Muskoka.   Of Muskoka because it was here that he was born, grew up, and completed his elementary and secondary school education.   After graduation from the University of Toronto in 1955, Ken returned to Muskoka and rose through the ranks in the secondary school system from teacher, to department head, to vice-principal to principal and then superintendent. His career in education Read more [...]
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