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2010 Report Card


The 2010 Watershed Report Card is a science-based evaluation of the health of the water, land, and wetlands in Muskoka and the municipalities that share Muskoka’s watershed. With the development of the Watershed Inventory Project, the content, level of detail, and accuracy of the Report Cards has evolved and will continue to evolve as new and better information becomes available.


There are four components to the 2010 Muskoka Watershed Report Card:

  1. Four-page full-colour Report Card summary distributed to the public through local media and available online
  2. A Report Card website
  3. A Background Report that details the indicators and how grades were determined
  4. Subwatershed Reports for each of the 20 subwatersheds analyzed in the Report Card


In addition to the Background Report for the Report Card, a report on Climate Change Adaptation in Muskoka and a second report on Stewardship were also developed.



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