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Environmental Good News Stories

By Dr. Norman D Yan 


 Norm Yan - 15 Aug 2013

Held on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at the Port Carling Memorial Community Centre in Port Carling, Ontario. Admission was by donation.






Did you know that Gravenhurst Bay is 5 times cleaner now than it once was? That Muskoka has only half as many acid lakes as it once did? That lead pollution, once a common environmental and human health problem, has all but disappeared? That the concentration of pesticides in the environment fell 10 to 100 fold once the cosmetic use of pesticides was banned?


We can, and often have, solved very large and complicated environmental problems that affect our health and the condition of the watersheds we share with thousands of other species. In this Muskoka Watershed Council lecture, Dr. Norman Yan discussed our past environmental successes by briefly reviewing the history of several good news stories. More importantly, he talked about what we have learned from the past and the steps we need to take to solve today’s environmental problems.


We have created global environmental problems, but we have also solved environmental problems of a global scale on more than one occasion. Learn how we can move from creating to solving such problems. 





Article: Humans can rectify environmental mistakes (Gravenhurst Banner, 22 August 2013)



About Dr. Norman D Yan

Dr. Norman D Yan 

Dr. Norman D Yan completed his Master’s degree at the University of Toronto, his PhD at the University of Guelph and worked as a research scientist at the Ontario Ministry if the Environment for 25 years. In 2000, he joined the Biology Department of York University as a tenured faculty member, and currently splits his time between the MOE’s Dorset Environmental Science Centre and York University.


Norm has won many national and international awards. He is one of only three Canadians to receive both the K. Patalas award for research excellence in applied limnology, and the F.H. Rigler Memorial Award for limnological research from the Society of Canadian Limnology. Dr. Yan received a Premier’s Research Excellence Award from the Ontario government and was awarded a Gledden Visiting Senior Fellowship by the University of Western Australia. Dr. Yan was recently inducted as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada.