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Changes in our Lakes


On Thursday, July 26, 2012 Dr. Michelle Palmer gave a lecture on Our Lakes: How Have They Changed Over the Last 25 Years? The lecture was held in the Port Carling Community Centre.



About Dr. Michelle Palmer

Dr. Michelle Palmer (centre) with her PhD Advisor Dr. Norman Yan and MWC Chair Patricia Arney at the lecture.

Michelle Palmer recently obtained her Ph.D. from York University. Michelle’s research interests include understanding how ecosystems respond to multiple stressors. For her Ph.D., she investigated how 25 years of climate change, lakeshore development, road salting, acid rain, calcium decline, and invasive species have impacted lake temperature, water quality and zooplankton in approximately 40 lakes in south-central Ontario. Michelle is also interested in the ecology of invasive species and through her M.Sc. at McGill University she looked at the environmental factors that affect the relative abundance of invasive and native species.


Dr. Palmer currently works for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.




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