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Healthy Lawns & Gardens


Best Practices Brochure


This eight-page booklet provides information and best practices to reduce the impact of lawns and gardens on your lake water quality. It contains sections on Healthy Soil, Alternative Groundcovers, Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care, Beneficial Insects, Common Lawn Problems, and Maintenance Best Practices.


Healthy Lawns & Gardens Naturally



Public Service Announcements


Healthy Garden PSA #1 – Moose 99.5 (2006)

Healthy Garden PSA #2 – Moose 99.5 (2006)


Healthy Lawn PSA #1 – Moose 99.5 (2006)

Healthy Lawn PSA #2 – CHAY 93.1 (2006)






Online Resources


Visit the following websites for more information about maintaining healthy lawns and gardens: