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What Do You Want the Report Card to Tell You?



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One Response to What Do You Want the Report Card to Tell You?

  1. Casey Cook says:

    The following is respectfully submitted.
    Muskoka has always been very pro-active with monitoring efforts of waterbodies throughout the region. We are fortunate to have resources available through the District Municipality of Muskoka, Watershed Council and Dorset Environmental Science Centre, to assist with research, determine trends and track changes. It has been stated that lakes are showing signs of stress related to calcium decline, algal blooms, invasive species and over-threshold phosphorous readings. It has been discussed and suggested at/by Lake Associations that if a lake is at risk, development on these lakes should be very carefully considered before permission is granted for additional development. Allowing potential increased stress seems counter productive. Is there not some way, the lake could be allowed a monitoring period, analysis of data and discussion of findings to determine if development is the wisest direction to take.
    Thank you.