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Save on registration for “50 Shades of Green” Conference until April 15


2017 Muskoka Stewardship ConferenceSave on the cost of registering for the upcoming “50 Shades of Green” Muskoka Stewardship Conference until April 15th! Organized by the Muskoka Watershed Council and The District Municipality of Muskoka, the Conference will tackle the topic of algae in our lakes and will take place May 12th at the Port Carling Community Centre.


So why dedicate an entire day to algae? Because they’re important, they’re noticeable, and they’re changing!


All of our lakes naturally contain algae. Without algae, our lakes would essentially be dead, unable to sustain fish and other creatures. Different species of algae become abundant at different times of the year, and if conditions are ideal, they can form a bloom.


While most algal blooms have little impact besides making the water unpleasant to swim in, taste odd or smell funny, some types of blooms may cause more serious environmental issues or have the potential to impact the health of your family.


What can you do to help protect Muskoka’s lakes from nuisance algal blooms? What do you do if you see a bloom? Join us on May 12th to learn about the algae in your lake, the factors that lead to algal blooms, and how algal communities are changing with our changing climate.


The Keynote address, sponsored by the Lake of Bays Association, will feature Dr. Charles Trick, the Beryl Ivey Chair in Ecosystem Health at the University of Western Ontario. His presentation will address the question “what are cyanobacteria trying to tell us?”


The Muskoka Stewardship Conference is a biennial event that provides an opportunity for environmental stewards and other interested members of the public and lake communities to network, share ideas and learn about stewardship topics from a variety of experts. Registration is $45 for students and $75 for the public ($60 until April 15th).


Learn more about the 2017 Muskoka Stewardship Conference at



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