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Invasive Species Intern Comes to Muskoka

Rebecca Jackson - OFAH InternMuskoka Watershed Council is pleased to welcome Rebecca Jackson to our outreach team this summer. Becca is an Invasive Species Awareness Intern with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ Invading Species Awareness Program.


Becca will be attending a variety of community events across Muskoka to raise awareness about the invasive species that are threatening Muskoka’s biodiversity, including Phragmites, Japanese Knotweed, and Spiny Waterflea. She will focus on preventing the establishment of invasive species in Muskoka, identifying and reporting those already here, and managing or removing infestations.


Becca is a member of the OFAH’s Invading Species Hit Squad, which delivers on-the-ground, community-based invasive species education, awareness and monitoring initiatives across the province in partnership with government and community organizations. As a Hit Squad member, Becca will attend local festivals and events, deliver educational programming to the public, and monitor local areas for invasive species.


Do you have a concern or question about invasive species in Muskoka? Would you like a display at your community event or AGM? Do you have an invasive species on your property and are wondering what to do about it? Contact Becca at 705-645-2100 x312 or for answers.


Learn about invasive species at the Invading Species Awareness Program website at


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